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Online Safety Calendar is an IE add-on to help you improve your online security
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Online Safety Calendar is an add-on for your Internet Explorer browser. Sponsored by Microsoft, it was developed by iLookBothWays, a corporation founded by Linda Criddle, a former Microsoft employee responsible for online safety for MSN. This calendar comes as part of a suite of articles and products that they offer to help you learn how to safely browse and use the Internet.

Simply download it to your computer, and restart your browser. The Online Safety Calendar will appear under the Tools Menu, available whenever needed. However, the application will pop up a reminder in case you have not checked the tip that corresponds to the current month. Once you click on it, it will open a window with tabs on the top showing the twelve months of the year. After selecting any month, it will show you a tip according to the selected option. Every tip consists of a small piece of advice on certain security issues, while proposing also a topic or two for study. Finally, it displays two options with specific advice and information related to the needs of two distinct groups - "Parents" and "Everyone". The information is complete, relevant and updated according to the current threats and trends of the Internet.

Online Safety Calendar is a great application for every person concerned with Internet security and online threat prevention.

Pablo Saavedra
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  • Easy to use
  • Clear information that anyone can understand


  • The number of tips is limited to the number of months
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